Why Nutritional Therapy?

As a nutritional therapist I have the benefit of time to get to know you.

I can take time to hear about your symptoms.  I will learn about your health journey and listen to your concerns and barriers to eating the way you would like to.

Through understanding your daily life, I will build a plan that fits with your life, to achieve your goals.

Do you find yourself viewing food as fuel and feel disconnected from the joy of eating?

The food that we eat provides the nutrients we need for health.  As Hippocrates stated, food can be both healing or harmful.

Both your genes and your environment will affect your experience of the menopause transition.  I can help you to understand how to impact your journey through menopause.



We make our food choices for many reasons; for convenience, habit, cost, taste, cultural reasons, ethical reasons, to fit in socially, to fill an emotional hole…. Over time we may not be getting every nutrient we need from our diets and this starts to affect the function of our body.

My aim is for you to enjoy nourishing food that feeds your health and joy.

As a Nutritional Therapist I have studied the biochemical pathways that help our bodies to function

and I can use a Functional Medicine approach, and appropriate testing, to support you back to balance and make changes that will support you to live life to the full.

If you want to start your journey to improved health contact me now by phone or email.

Healthy and nutritious meal of salmon couscous, tomatoes, green beans

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