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Your nutritional therapy programme will help you feel more like yourself, energetic and strong.

The wonderful advantage of working this way is your programme is tailored to you, your body, and your lifestyle.

I have 3 levels of programme which differ by the amount and regularity of contact time.

In each programme you will be supported and encouraged to improve your health – there is no judgement, we start from where you are.

Boost (a kickstart/refresh)

Nourish (looking at all areas of women’s health and hormones, my signature and favourite programme)

Thrive (full V.I.P. support to power you to your goals)

I can see you either face to face in Twickenham or online, whatever works best for your life.

Nutrigenomics - DNA Health Test

This branch of science is growing and well supported by research.  Using a simple cheek swab, it looks at interactions between genes, nutrients, and health.

If you are health conscious and keen to explore how to support your health for the long term this gives you deep understanding of you predispositions and how to support yourself with diet and lifestyle.

As a trained practitioner I work with LifeCode GX tests which I find can be the key to unlocking long term health patterns.

My DNA Health Test programme contains a test kit, 2 reports and a 60 minute consultation on how to action your results, £600

If would like more details, please email me at:

If you are not clear which package is best for your needs, I am happy to discuss how we can work together. Call me for a free 30-minute chat?

How does it work?

Programmes run over 12 weeks and include:
– a health questionnaire on current habits and health history prior to meeting
– a personalised Health Optimisation plan
– the initial session is 75 minutes to agree health goals
– regular sessions to keep you moving forward

Where appropriate I may suggest functional testing or supplements, which are always optional and an additional cost, see below for details on the tests that I use.

Prices start at £455 for a Boost programme.

Please email me for a full price list or book a free call to see what is best for you.


Most health issues develop over time and may have a number of different causes. For example, feeling tired all the time could be due to lack of iron, poor digestion or it could be a hormone imbalance. Testing is usually used to gain more information on your condition and eliminate some possible causes of symptoms. Some tests, particularly blood tests, can be done via your GP. I work to support any treatment you are undertaking and with your primary healthcare. Here are some examples of test I may suggest:

Blood Panel (comprehensive blood count, iron status, liver function, key nutrients, immune system function, lipid status)

Hormone pathway testing using DUTCH or Forth Female Hormone Mapping

Stool testing (checks for infection, pancreatic function, indicators of inflammation absorption and digestion)

Healthy and nutritious meal of salmon couscous, tomatoes, green beans

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